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the vision
is becoming reality.

Vision 2020-2030


„A sizzling and crackling fireplace.

A glass of wine in hand. Friends. Conversations. 

And there they are: Visions, Ideas. Somehow, within the blink of an eye, everything changes. There is no turning back. Your mind is going on overdrive. Developing, imagining, dreaming. And before you know it, the construction workers are taking on their first shift. And just like that, your dream is becoming a reality.”

Count Alexander of Reventlow




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the basis of
the future

Tradition meets modernity

Our thatched timbered barns amid the access yard of the estate were built in the late twenties of the 17thcentury. Outdated? Disused? Surely, but solely concerning their traditional purpose because the unique historic atmosphere these barns embody is absolutely worth preserving to us. Therefore, only the utilisation needed changing. Especially, since over the last years numerous guests have enquired about staying at Gut Damp for longer periods of time, spending their vacation here. 


from a stable to a loft.

A place to linger

For this reason, together with our amazing team, we developed lofts with optional hotel service. Just adjacent to the restaurant Kuhhaus the “little Kuhhaus”, as we call it, was finalised. The lofts therein provide couples, families, or groups of friends with a home away from home. A place to unwind, relax, enjoy the brisk air, the vastness of nature. All the while being able to utilise the service of a hotel, if desired, and upgrade tailored to your wishes. 

on fire for the future.

And since we are constantly firing up new hot ideas, this will not be the last implemented vision at Gut Damp. We will keep you posted on everything to come! 


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