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we welcome you in the hunting area damp-dorotheenthal!

die jagdschule gut damp

is the vision of a holistic hunting education. We hunt respectfully and want to pass on this attitude towards hunting. Hunting is not a hobby, but an attitude towards life and a craft – hand in hand with nature. And we take you by the hand! In our exclusive courses with only 15 participants, we can devote ourselves to you individually!

The hunting school Gut Damp wants to convey beside the contents, which are relevant for the examination to the German hunting licence, experiencesund the course participants, already during the learning and exam preparation the craft of the respectful hunter. Our team of instructors consists of experienced leaders and instructors, with a great passion for for gamekeeping and care. They are hunters with a lot of practical knowledge from local hunting grounds. We teach in German.

connected to nature

Hunting license candidates should be made aware that the journey towards becoming a hunter is a step towards being connected to nature. We are part of nature and a hunter should recognize this bond and fill it with life. fill it with life. For us, the examination to become a young hunter is the first step into the further life as a hunter. The preparation for the hunting license examination is a very intensive time of learning. A learning of the processes in nature. We want to teach the understanding of natural processes and a broad factual knowledge of the animal and plant world, without losing sight of the essentials.

During the training, the perception changes and the view of nature changes, so that the actions are also influenced.

g 10.23 DAMP JAGD HARRY WEBER 02738.ARW.p.jpg

We are concerned that our graduates become hunters and hunt with an armamentarium because they know and understand that it serves a natural cycle. That an intervention in the game population in the schle swig- holstein cultural landscape is indispensable . The mediation of the customs and the entire value chain is very important to us - from the kill to the plate. To transport a feeling of independence and self-sufficiency and of deep responsibility: Above all, the connection to the wild animals and plants. We accompany our participants even after the hunting license. Our experienced hunters are available for the first hunts in our in our hunting grounds. The approach of the game and the work before and after the shot is extensive. Important decisions have to be made. The young hunter should not be left alone here.

lifelong learning

Passing the hunting license exam begins the process of lifelong learning as a hunter. Every hunting ground offers us a wealth of knowledge, we just have to look carefully.

The training to become a hunter changes not not only the life of the participant, but also that of the that of the family environment. Also we would like to courses and photo hunts to make the hunt more accessible. the Waidwerk more near bring. It is conveyed that the journey to the hunter far beyond the receipt, the legitimation to lead a weapon and which immense and which immense responsibility a hunter a hunter animal and nature opposite bears.


our training content

g 10.23 DAMP HUNDE HARRY WEBER 01729.ARW.p.jpg

Our training team consists of experienced

leaders and lecturers, with a great passion for nurturing and care.

They are hunters with a lot of practical knowledge from local areas.

To convey the training content, 180

Lessons/hours provided that

split up as follows.

Subject 1:

50 hours

Hoofed game, furred game, feathered game

Biotope care, agriculture and forestry

Game Damage Prevention

Subject 2:

30 hours

Weapons law, UVV hunting

Weaponry and weapon handling

Subject 3:

10 hours

Hunting dogs, hunting, customs

Subject 4:

40 hours

Law (Hunting, Animal, Nature, Landscape)

trap training

Subject 5:

20 hours

Game diseases, game hygiene

placing on the market of game

Plus 30 hours of shooting

Plus hunting grounds

g 10.23 DAMP JAGD HARRY WEBER 03096.ARW.p.jpg

hunting license course

time frame:

spring course: 14.2. until 10.3.2024,Exam on March 9th                                               

Autumn course: 16.10. to 10.11.2024, exam on November 9th    


  • Accommodation with other course participants in fully equipped holiday lofts

  • Bed linen and towels as well as a loft cleaning once a week are included

  • Own bedroom, shared bathroom and living area

  • self catering A breakfast basket and individual dinners in the cow house during opening hours can be booked individually

  • Single loft can be booked for a surcharge and subject to availability

Program:Mediation of all for the hunting licenserelevant content, preparation for

the examination, area inspection, visit to the

Game room, visit to the shooting range.

Meals:Self catering in your own

Loft, booking of the breakfast box possible,

Dinner on the opening days in

Frameof "À la Cartes" as a self-payer


would you like to learn more?
feel free to contact us!

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