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“our greatest asset …

your visit!”


The rich history of Gut Damp dates back to the 15th century. The family zu Reventlow have been the owners of Gut Damp and the surrounding lands for four generations now. Over the past centuries Gut Damp has experienced a grand development from a traditional primarily agricultural estate to an idyllic place of encounters and inspiration. And our imagination concerning future developments knows no boundaries. 


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Vision 2020-2030


We are changing the way we picture vacation. By transforming the conventional rural life to combine today’s modern aspirations with the traditions we hold in our hearts so dearly, we are setting a new standard. By pouring all of our thoughts, love, hard work, and sense of tradition into our current and future endeavours we want to redefine Gut Damp to become a beacon of unique and seminal touristic projects. 

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When the horizon is fleeting, the fog is blurring the transition from earth to sky, and the sun is stealing your breath away – you know: it is morning in Damp. 

Situated in between the Baltic Sea and the Schlei, surrounded by beautiful fields and meadows, Gut Damp is the ideal place to unwind and get back to nature. The feeling of the wind in your face, the sound of the seagulls shrieking, the brisk air you breath in when you wake up in the morning lets you find a deep sense of rest.


At Gut Damp we are constantly cooking up new ideas to develop the estate further. However, we would not be able to flourish if it weren’t for the backbone of our estate: the agriculture. For generations the families living and working at Gut Damp have been producing high quality barley, wheat, rape, and sugar beets with conventional farming. Year after year our team and colleagues excel in applying sustainable agriculture in harmony with nature. 

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Take your shot. At least, if you are in possession of a hunting license.

At Gut Damp we hunt and prepare Game from our very own hunting grounds for the restaurant Kuhhaus. 


The Last Journey

Our very last journey brings us back to nature. The Ruheforst Damp is situated in an idyllic forest adjacent to the St. Johannes Stift nearby Gut Damp. Here, people can find their last resting place either for themselves or for their relatives as a place of tranquillity, calmness, and silence. A place to rest in peace. Where nature lives on in eternity.   

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