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the perfect spot. no matter what. 

Perfectly embedded.

This goes for both you in your cosy loft and the peninsula Schwansen nestling between the Schlei and the Baltic Sea. Schwansen is one of the most beautiful regions within Schleswig-Holstein and offers a wide variety of attractions and activities. We would like to share with you our personal favourites to further enhance your anticipation for your stay with us at Gut Damp.

The Baltic Sea 

There may only be a few things that are more relaxing and more beautiful than a walk on the beach. When enjoying the view of the vast sea, the feeling of sand between your toes, and the soft breeze of salty wind in your face. You do not even realize whether it is raining or the sun is shining. And to be perfectly honest, it does not matter at all. Having this moment of absolute peace to yourself is perfect bliss. In any case, the Baltic Sea is a favourite spot to enjoy nature with all its quirks. 

The Schlei 

What a wonderful embrace by the arm of the Baltic Sea. Every nature lover will lose their heart to this magical place. Whether you love sailing, walks in nature, or a bike ride along the water. A day at the Schlei is a day of rest. 


The Ruheforst 

The open, wooden bell tower of the St. Johannes Stift depicts the entrance to the Ruheforst Damp/Thiergarten at the Baltic Sea. Strolling past the idyllically situated Stift you enter a beautiful, almost magical mixed forest. Patriarchal copper beeches, majestically grown oak trees, and lush hardwoods portray an enchanted play of light and shadow and set an incomparably unique atmosphere. If you are in need of a long walk to gather your thoughts, this mystical forest is ideal.  

The Baltic Sea resort  Damp 

The Baltic resort Damp is within walking distance from Gut Damp and it offers a wide variety of activities for the entire family. Whether you are looking forward to swimming pools, indoor fun parcs, or a spa … here everyone will enjoy themselves. 


Our recommendation: Our very own restaurant Kuhhaus at Gut Damp. We make a point of working with regional produce. Therefore, at the Kuhhaus we offer freshly-caught fish, game from our own hunting grounds, as well as beef from neighbouring farmers. The fresh fruit and vegetables are also sourced from regional farmers and sometimes even from our own fields. To top it off we offer a splendid wine list, where you can find a great pairing for your dinner.  In addition, there are other recommendable restaurants in the vicinity: whether you are visiting the picturesque village Sieseby nearby the Schlei, the small harbour in Kappeln, or the modern port in Eckernförde. Wherever you would like to visit, we will be sure to give you some insiders’ tips. 

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