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the reunification   
with nature.



Ruheforst Damp –

your return to nature.

Peace, harmony and the constant change of nature give consolation for relatives and friends.

As an alternative to conventional types of burial, RuheForst is breaking new ground. For many people, the opportunity to be buried in the natural surroundings of the forest is a dignified way of saying goodbye.

the most natural

The dignity of nature

The possibility of being buried in the natural surroundings of the forest can be a dignified way of saying goodbye for many people because it is free from constraints - regardless of religion or place of residence.


The RuheForst Damp offers forest burials as an alternative to burials in a cemetery. A forest burial in the RuheForst closes the cycle of life between man and nature.


A place of peace

The RuheForst Damp / Thiergarten is located in the north of the Schwansen peninsula near the Baltic Sea, less than half an hour's drive north of the city of Eckernförde. The open wooden bell tower of the St. Johannes Stift at the idyllic abbey marks the entrance into a small grove of magical mixed deciduous forest. The RuheForst is both – a cemetery and a forest. The grave care is taken over by nature. The burial in an ephemeral urn takes place directly in the so-called RuheBiotop. Here, a tree can be chosen as the place of the final resting place, which, if desired, later bears a name plaque. This tree can be both a place of mourning and a fixed point of reference during your lifetime.



If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for a visit on site, we would like to ask you to contact the estate management on the telephone number

04352 950 90 10. 

For more information please visit






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